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How contractors can help plug the engineering staffing gap

The engineering sector is often seen as the lynchpin of our society, but finding skilled people for the job can sometimes be a serious challenge that can negatively impact on the growth of a business. Currently, the challenge is more real than ever, and engineering companies are struggling to find the talent they need to maintain a smooth, profitable operation.

To put this into perspective, at M-Tec Engineering Solutions, our contract division has grown by 40 per cent in the last six months, and we can only expect that figure to rise. With less people studying engineering, the perception that people in manufacturing have a low income, and an ageing workforce, it’s clear to see how the shortfall continues to increase.

Interestingly, half of all the standard roles in the Home Office’s shortage occupations list are in engineering or associated professions[1], and according to Engineering UK, the industry is short of nearly 70,000 skilled employees a year[2]. With Brexit now in motion, this figure will only rise – for in time, companies may not be able to hire EU workers to help plug the gap[3].

Hiring in contractors can be a useful way of filling engineering staffing shortages, but as many senior leaders and HR professionals will know, finding the right person for the job with a specific skill set can often be a tricky task. That’s where we come in – combining our direct industry knowledge with our solid experience in the recruitment sector to find suitable candidates for your business. Whether it’s aerospace, automotive, plant and material handling, manufacturing or rail, we can help.

If you’re a contractor yourself, you’ll know that working in this way has many benefits. You’re often paid more, can work flexibly and can attain new skills in different environments.

If you are on the lookout for the highest calibre engineering talent, or own a limited company and are in search of contract opportunities, we can help. To find out how, call us today on 0121 710 1800.




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