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The Manufacturing Trends that Could Shape Your Job in 2018

It’s a very exciting time for manufacturing. We are currently seeing the industry’s most substantial change in more than a hundred years with manufacturing technologies seeing a digital transformation. The combination of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) convergence, the Internet of Things (IoT), along with multiple technologies, manufacturing is changing substantially.

The nature of technology is that it will continually evolve and as a result, we can expect to see a number of manufacturing trends that could shape your job in 2018.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality tools are allowing engineers to test processes and situations virtually, before performing a physical test, or even creating a product or component. This technology will be a great help in cutting down manufacturing time and ensuring that each manufacturing process goes as planned.

In 2018, we can also expect to see augmented reality used for remote assistance. People in different locations can connect through augmented reality to consult on an issue, or trouble-shoot a solution in real time. Augmented reality technology could help to speed up problem solving, as well as reducing travel costs when needed.

Manufacturing on autopilot

Automation is surely the future of advanced manufacturing. Automated manufacturing processes allow for more accuracy and productivity than humans are capable of. Automation often also allows for processes that are unsafe for humans to be carried out.

With the constant advances in technology, automated robotics and machinery are growing easier and easier for engineers to programme, so extremely precise tasks can be achieved in a relatively short time and in mass, considerably improving productivity. We can expect automated manufacture to make some of the most repetitive and tedious jobs much easier, whilst automation will also provide opportunities for engineering workforces to re-train in new skills.

Robots complimenting humans

With the constant evolution of robotics technology, there is understandably some concern that robots will begin to displace jobs in the near future. As the majority of automated engineering processes will be those that are unsafe for humans, 2018 will see an increase in robotics working alongside humans, complimenting their work to increase output.

The increase in robotics in manufacturing will also lead to an increase in different engineering jobs and opportunities for engineers to develop their skills. All manufacturing sectors will need engineers to design and develop robotics and automation technology, as well as building, adapting and maintaining robotic equipment.

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