top tips for successful recruitment

Top tips for successful recruitment

Finding the best people to fit into your organisation is a task that’s full of challenge and opportunity. While the recruitment process takes time, dedication and patience, when you do find the perfect candidate, the opportunities are endless.

But how can you ensure that the recruitment process is successful? At M-Tec Engineering Solutions, we’ve put together our five top tips for successful recruitment:

  1. Be sure the candidate’s skills match the job

When you’re desperate to fill a role, it can be tempting to go with the best of the bunch, irrespective of whether their skills really match the job requirements. While this might help in the short term, you’re also at risk of running into problems down the line. Applicants who aren’t right for the job often end up leaving or being performance managed, which is a waste of time and resources for everyone. Make sure you are 100 per cent confident in your choice before you move forward, as it can cost you much more than their initial induction.

  1. Share vacancy information in the right places and with the right people

Although it can be tempting to post job adverts on free or cheap websites, choosing places that hold gravitas is often preferred. Most candidates go to the main job sites, or even more frequently, turn to their trusted recruiter in their time of need. Consider choosing an industry expert recruiter to find the talent for you, saving you time, money and energy and giving you access to the best of the best.

  1. Be known as a great employer

Your employees are your biggest advocate, and if they are happy in their working environment they are likely to spread the word. Conversely, if your employees are unhappy and downbeat, you can expect that to travel too. Spend time focusing on being a great employer and inspire people to work for you.

  1. Pay what the candidates are worth

If you want to attract the best candidates, you’re going to have to pay for them. A fantastic employee will have an abundance of opportunities and if they can get more money elsewhere, it’ll play a large factor in whether they pick to work for you. Don’t be afraid of paying what the candidate is worth – it often pays off because they’ll stay with you for longer, being less inclined to jump ship and take a pay cut.

  1. Work with an industry-specific recruiter

Working with an industry-specific recruitment firm gives you an immediate advantage – they understand the nuances of your business. This means they can do the initial sifting for you, and that they have access to a whole pool of people that they know and have personally vetted.

Working with a recruiter who doesn’t solely work in your industry can often mean that they don’t understand your wants or needs, and therefore don’t provide you with the right candidates, costing you much more time, effort and money.

At M-Tec Engineering Solutions, we are specialist recruiters for the engineering sector. We combine our direct industry knowledge with recruitment experience to find the best candidates to drive your business forward. Our expertise spans a range of technical and engineering sectors, including: aerospace, automotive, plant and material handling, manufacturing and rail.

To start your search for the perfect candidate, call us today on: 0121 710 1800.

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