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Make a career move within the Engineering sector in 2018

If you’re looking to make a new and exciting employment move in 2018, the Engineering sector certainly offers plenty of room for manoeuvre and a wealth of new opportunities for those already established within the industry.

Here we share a few great reasons why movement within the sector can be painless and beneficial for individuals looking to make a change.


Because engineering plays a prominent role in most sectors, from manufacturing and agriculture to construction and telecommunications, you’ll find the industry offers numerous opportunities to transfer your skills to work in pretty much any area you are interested in or passionate about.

Career Trajectory

The engineering industry is a fast paced and innovative one, highly suited to ambitious individuals who wish to learn and diversify their careers. This makes the sector a uniquely hospitable one for those looking to move their skills to a new specialism, with ample opportunities to learn new skills and progress.


If you want to make a shift in your engineering career but would also love to see the world, the sector offers a truly global workplace that really can facilitate both requirements. Engineering operates on a cross-continental scale, offering the chance to live and work within a vast number of different countries and experience new cultures.


Engineering is a flourishing industry where wages are generally higher than in other sectors and can increase rapidly as you develop new expertise and experience. Those with up to five years’ experience earn an average of £40,000 per annum, with salaries rising rapidly through progression to senior roles.


If you feel you need a change of scenery within the sector, engineering will always present a diverse range of new opportunities. With tens of thousands of projects in multiple sectors worldwide, you can find yourself involved in an exciting and challenging new environment in no time at all.


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