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What the Growth of ADAS Means for Automotive Engineering

With 40% of all vehicles on UK roads predicted to have at least two types of Advanced Driver Assistance systems fitted by 2020, we can expect ADAS to have a considerable effect on the automotive engineering industry in the next few years.

Whilst in the past, ADAS devices were limited to only very high-end vehicles due to their costs, ADAS has been getting less expensive on a yearly basis and as a result, these safety features are becoming much more widespread. Manufacturers are actively starting to include ADAS such as automated emergency breaking (AEB) as part of high-value safety packs for most models, not just more premium vehicles.


With the European Parliament’s Transport committee calling for new legislation to make life-saving technologies such as AEB, intelligent speed assistance and intelligent seatbelt reminders mandatory for new cars, this is likely to considerably affect the percentage of new vehicles with ADAS entering the UK.

What this means for engineering recruitment

As ADAS in vehicles grows to be the norm as a result of factors such as the above, we can predict that this will lead to an increased need for recruitment in the automotive engineering sector. With specialist ADAS technology comes the need for specialist engineering professionals to help implement this in an ever-growing range of vehicles.

The growth of ADAS will not only increase the demand for automotive engineers but also increase opportunities for engineers to move into this very specialist area of the automotive sector. Arguably, the growth of ADAS is one of the first steps into autonomous driving in standard vehicles, so in the future, as technology develops and becomes more widespread, the demand for engineering recruitment in the automotive industry can only increase.

Production and beyond

As ADAS becomes more commonplace, there will not only be more demand for engineers to install and implement these systems into vehicles, but also to recalibrate vehicles in the future. After accidents, to ensure the continued effectiveness and safety of ADAS technology such as AEB, engineers will be required to ensure that systems do not need to be re-calibrated.

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